Posted on February 23, 2017 10:42

Our annual parish Dinner Dance took place last weekend and it was an enormous success. (While we continue to receive donations, we expect that the final profit from the Dinner Dance will be about $31,000). I gathered with the Stewards in Action committee to evaluate the Dinner Dance and we offered prayers of thanksgiving for God’s countless blessings showered upon us. One part of our discussion was focused on the following inspirational thought: “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do and knowing it all comes from God”. This grateful attitude is precisely how we thrive even as the parish faces multiple financial challenges. Beyond the parish setting, I invite you to dwell upon this wisdom for your own life. The Dinner Dance began a year-long celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. We will be celebrating our anniversary at various parish events throughout the year. I join with the priests and pastoral staff of the parish in extending our heartfelt gratitude to our parishioners. It is an honor to share ministry with you in our parish. Let us focus on our blessings and virtues as we encourage one another. We are blessed indeed!

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday this week on March 1. Please see the schedule of services for Ash Wednesday in today’s bulletin. I would like to share a few details of our plans so we are ready to begin right away on Ash Wednesday. We have one program to be offered in English and the other in Spanish.

We are using an online tool for our Lenten program this year. We invite parishioners to log onto and sign up for our Lenten program. You will receive daily emails (in English) with spiritual messages which will guide us through the Lenten Season. These themes will form the basis of our group talks as well as preaching throughout the Season. Fr. Dominic and I are currently distributing small cards as a reminder to log on to receive your daily email during Lent. You can find these cards for yourself near the entrances of church.

The message on the cards is: “Don’t Give Up chocolate for Lent”. That is a very strange message I know. The point is to take the Lenten Season more seriously than giving up chocolate. Your daily emails will provide plenty of spiritual encouragement and suggestions. If you do not use email, you are invited to participate in our Lenten program by reading a book entitled Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. This well known author has a wonderful gift of renewal of faith in relevant and engaging ways. The daily emails and the book cover the same themes. Please stay tuned for more details. Here are the details of the presentations during Lent:

  • Fr. Molina will be offering a series of talks in Spanish throughout the Season of Lent. This series begins on Tuesday, March 7 and continues every Tuesday up to and including April 4. The presentations will take place in church.
  • Stations of the Cross in Spanish will take place every Friday evening at 7 pm in Church.
  • In English, Fr. Dominic Vinh Ha and I will be hosting discussion groups for those who are involved in parish groups as well as our regular visitor who are not in groups. We will contact groups to arrange the dates.
  • Fr. Dominic will offer talks in English immediately after the mass at 5:15 pm on Tuesday evenings in church. All are welcome
  • The Stations of the Cross in English will be done every Friday after the 5:15 pm Mass in Church.
  • On Good Friday, the Live Way of the Cross will take place after a long time. If you are interested in participating in this live demonstration, please contact Fr. Mike.

We are offering a very wide variety of activities and presentations. The hope is that the flexible scheduling will enable you to participate in some special Lenten preparation.

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