Posted on August 09, 2017 18:00

A Priest Forever ...
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you to all for reading the Sunday Bulletin article. Mr. Daniel Sullivan told me that some of you would like to know about my priestly vocation. Telling you the truth, it is a long story! However, someone advised me to tell a little bit every week; for that reason. Following the recommendation, here I go.

I am the third child of five. My mother was always at home. My father was working for the Ecuadorian Army
as a soldier. After 25 years of service, he retired as a 2nd Sergeant. As a child, I wanted to be like a soldier like
my father, but he did not agree. My passion and desire was to become a soldier and follow a military career. However, my father did not want me to do that. I remember telling them that I would love to go to a military school. However, they would tell me “next time,” and they did not send me to it. I went to a public school for six years. After graduating from grade school, I was sent to a public high school for 3 years doing a basic education in accounting and business. Later, I went to a private high school to finish my secondary education in accounting, business, and management. It is during that time, in my second high school education, that my vocation was born, and I started thinking about becoming a priest. I was 15 years old when God called me to the priesthood.

As my parents did not see my love for the army, I was attracted to becoming a soccer player. I played for my second high school team. I was a middle-field defender. My coach taught and trained me to be a tough player and to play tough!
However, my parents did not want me to become a soccer player. They were wishing for a different career for me. They wanted me to become a business man. I did listen to them. However, who knew what God had in mind.

My parents had an open mind about religion at home. I do remember when I was a little boy they took me to church on Sun- days. However, they never imposed religion upon us. There was a time when we did not go to church. I knew we all were baptized because I saw the pictures of our baptisms; however, church was not part of our lives.

Well, that's it for now. I will continue next week ...

Before finishing, I would like to encourage everyone to register as a member of the parish and use the offering envelopes every time that you come to church. If you are already a registered parishioner, please remember to use your envelopes. Additionally, I would like to invite you to participate in our project “Our Lady’s Garden.” Please, consider purchasing a brick to honor a loved one or your family name. Finally, remember to send your pledge to the capital campaign “To Teach Who Christ Is.” As always, thank you very much for your generosity, support, and prayer.

God bless you always.
Respectfully, your brother in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Bolivar G Molina-Ramirez 

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