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Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

We have always welcomed people from many corners of the world and from different ways of life. We believe this is what God asks us to do. This is what we mean with our mission statement which states that we Seek Unity. Celebrate Diversity. By Praying, Caring, Sharing. This is our bold statement and we enthusiastically embrace it.

Letter from the Pastor


From Fr. Mike Shanahan | September 22, 2019
This week we began the training to form a team that will invite and outreach to the neighborhood. Initially, we met for fellowship and spiritual enrichment through to share a simple meal and discussing a video about Jesus and our life. One particular quote impressed me from Bernard Levin, a non Christian well-known columnist of the last century. “Countries like ours are full o...

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San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila | September 28, 2019
The LIWANAG of Our Lady of Lourdes Church invite ALL to the 32nd Anniversary of the first saint of the Phillipiines: San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila.   

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Prayer Requests

Posted on September 15, 2019 in: General News

Prayer Requests
FOR THOSE WHO ARE ILL: Osmar and Marcela Rodriguez, Francisco and Letty Garcia, Gloria Parayno, Ed Hannan, Nancy Coraretti, Gabriel Cabael, Armie Reyes, Gloria Flores, Hector De Leon, Laura Carrera, Raquel Esmeralda, Virgilia Uy, Emiliano Mendoza, Teresita Nuval, Rosio Perez, Mucio Aguilar, Marjorie Carmody, Alfredo Mahe, Richard and Rosa Esparza, Eduardo Rizzo and our parishione...

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Solidarity with our brothers migrants at the border | October 2019
Solidarity with our brothers migrants at the border Migratory pastoral will travel to Centro Madre Asunta in October 2019 to work as volunteers in a hostel for 118 children and migrant women To learn more about the work of Centro Madre Asunta To donate on the internet To learn more of the tri...

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