Disciples of Emmaus

At this time, Our Lady of Lourdes offers this ministry to married couples in Spanish.  For more resources in English and Spanish, please refer to of the Archdiocese of Chicago. 

As Catholics we believe in the importance and sanctity of marriage.  Christ’s love for his people is an image of the love we find in marriage.  Marriage is a lifelong commitment to one other person and requires the support of the entire Christian community.  That is the reason for our Disciples of Emmaus Ministry to Couples. Here is how a typical evening of reflection takes place.  First we start with a prayer. Then we do dramatizations. The first drama about the way we live when we are far from God. The second is about how we live when God is in the midst of the marriage.  Then, we gather for discussion. This is followed with a reading by one of the priests or deacons, who give us an explanation of what God tells us in order to have a happy marriage. All Catholic couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship are invited to explore healing and solutions in this ministry. We meet once a month, on the third Friday at 7  p.m. in the School Hall (entrance Parking Lot).  Parking is available. There is also child care in the premises.

Here are some of the issues we work on:

  • Learning to have good communication
  • To value each other
  • To love each other
  • Respect and mutual understanding

We share our problems and look for solutions. We  have topics like communication, finance issues, sexuality, differences between men and women, etc. We have seen the blessing of God in our ministry. We have couples who got married.  Couples came who were thinking about separating, but with God’s help they continue staying together. We want you to know that you are not alone, and you are not the only ones with difficulties. We are here to help you.

Refreshments are served after the sessions.  There is no fee for this ministry.