Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education 

Registrations 2020-2021

Our Religious Education Program is now open. Thank you for your patience as we move through these challenging days. Due to Covid-19, there are numerous changes to the program from previous years. The parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes parish have been very patient and compliant with the many changes happening around the parish.  These changes will allow for more engagement with family in the process of fostering faith for our young people. The program is laid out according to the week of each month. The program will start out as a combination of the following elements:

Week 1.    Students gather with catechists in the school for classes in small groups

Week 2.    Students complete homework with connection with catechists online or by Phone

Week 3.    Students come to a special mass on Saturday evening in church once per month. Limited number of attendees allowed. Registration for this mass is required. Go to for instructions for
                 Registration for these masses.   

Week 4.    Students and family complete a home activity designed to deepen the understanding of faith. Catechists engage young people and families online or by phone. 

The following guidelines are employed in order to provide safety for all those involved in Religious Education.  

  • Children and catechists are required to wear masks for the entire time they are present in school
  • Students and catechists are asked to remain home if not feeling well.
  • Maintain a social distance of 6 feet from every other person
  • Students maintain a distance of 6ft. while they enter or leave school by either of these doors of the school
    • Front door on Ashland Ave.
    • Side door to school cafeteria on the parking lot
    • Use of two doors allows for maximum distance between students 
  • Students will be guided to use different stairwells for entering and leaving school
    • The east stairwell is used for entering 2nd and 3rd floor
    • The west stairwell is used ofr leaving the 2nd and 3rd floor
  • Students will sanitize their hands and have their temperature taken upon entering school
  • Students will not gather with other students in any areas of the school, other than classrooms.
  • Students will be seated in classrooms at a minimum distance of 6ft. from one another.
  • Students will be guided to read the posted signs in church that state the following:
    • Properly wash hands
    • Properly wear a face covering
    • Check fr symptoms of Covid-19
    • Remain home if feeling ill
  • Do not use any drinking fountains in school. We ask students to bring water if needed.
  • Students are discouraged from using rest rooms in school, except for emergency.

Please note that these guidelines and schedules may change as the weeks and months begin for the new year of 2020 / 2021. These changes would be in order to address the needs for safety related concerns for Covid-19. 

Please contact the office of Religious Education with questions or concerns.

  • Hours:   Tuesdays 4-6pm       
  • Saturdays 9am-Noon

Secretary: Lourdes Blumenberg
Or please contact Fr. Mike Shanahan at 773-561-2141