We are an active, vibrant church that is not program-focused, but rather people focused. We offer a wide range of ministries for each family member to get connected, stay connected, grow in the Word and grow closer to God. Below are a few of our ministries.

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Leaders Contact Information: Precious Deang, Coordinator (English).  (773) 561-2141;

Ignacio Garcia (Español) garcia.ignacio35@ o Leonor Teran (Español)

 A special minister of the Eucharist is a Catholic man or woman in good standing, who after preparation and training, is approved and commissioned by the bishop or his delegate, the Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, to distribute Communion during the liturgy (Ministers of Communion during Mass) or to bring Eucharist to the sick in hospitals, nursing homes, or to the homebound (Ministry of Care).

Minister of Communion Within the Assembly 

This group of ministers assist in the distribution of holy communion at mass. They are either ministers of bread or ministers of cup. They humbly serve the faith community by distributing the bread and/or wine which has become the body and blood, soul, and divinity of the risen Christ.

Training is conducted in the parish by the pastor. This group is commissioned by the bishop and the pastor. The commission is good for two (2) years. Our Lady of Lourdes has four Masses every Sunday.

The benefit of the ministry

To give the pastor more time to attend to his ministry and to the special need of other members of the community. The individual joining this ministry receives spiritual rewards, nourishment so that pain and suffering are healed, joy to serve the faithful and thanksgiving for the nourishment given to the member of Christ’s body.


The individual called to this special ministry:

  • Must be a practicing Catholic
  • Must believe in Christ's Eucharistic presence and deeply appreciate the divine gift shared in ministry
  • Must be physically able to stand without support and to hold the ciborium when distributing the host or the chalice when offering the cup
  • Must be committed and willing to invest time in the ministry
  • Must attend a monthly meeting
  • Must be knowledgeable of the significance and sacredness of the liturgy
  • Must attend training and refresher sessions
  • Must put forth the extra effort to keep in touch with theological developments and updates on the church’s teachings.
  • Should distinguish oneself by Christian life, faith and morals.
  • Must cultivate a devotion to the Holy Eucharist
  • Must be an example of piety and reverence.


  • Be in Church at least 15 minutes before the Mass starts
  • Secure a substitute if unable to keep the commitment for the scheduled mass
  • Attend regular monthly meetings

How to Become Special Minister of the Eucharist

If you feel called to be a special minister of the Eucharist, please notify the parish office who will notify the Coordinator. Inform them of the days and times you are available to serve and the type of eucharistic ministry you are interested in (e.g. if you would like to be a Minister of Communion during Mass or be a minister in the Ministry of Care).

Please mention any experience you may have in the past as a eucharistic minister, if any. It is important for those contemplating this ministry to realize that one can serve as eucharistic minister either at the liturgy or to the sick or in both of these capacities. However, not everyone feels called to or is able to exercise the ministry with the sick and infirm. This requires special instruction and training as well as the ability to withstand the trials of encountering sickness and suffering.

Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunion

Sub. Coord:  Ombelina Merlos
Secretaria:  Consuelo Sandoval

La Oracion Preparatoria Nuestra Es:

"Jesucristo, Pan de Vida, derramaste tu sangre
para salvarnos. Que tu espiritu llene mi Corazon
para que pueda Amar como tu Amas a todos aquellos
que voy a servir en la Misa hoy".  Amen.

Los Ministros de la Sagrada Comunion en Nuestra Parroqia se reunen todos los 3er.. Domingo del mes desde las 10:30 am hasta la 12:00 pm en un salon asignado por la rectoria.

Que hacemos en esa hora?  Nos preparamos espiritualmente, oramos por todos los que necesitan , hacemos pequeñas reflexiones entre nosotros, basandos en las escrituras, y algo muy importante siempre estar present nuestro guis espiritual.  Que es el Padre Manuel, el sacerdote asociado de Nuestra Parroquia. Tambien tenemos practicas de como servir en cada Misa, en una palabra, preparamos para servir a Nuestros hermanos.