Our Dinner Dance Committee has announced that this weekend will be COMMITMENT WEEKEND! They are going ALL OUT to make sure that everyone who comes to church this weekend knows that our biggest annual fundraiser is only 3 WEEKS away.

Here's what going on:

  • Speak at all masses

  • Set up tables for all masses

  • Sell Dinner Dance Tickets at all masses

  • Sell Raffle Tickets at all masses

  • assemble an honor guard for our statues prizes at all masses

Here's why a commitment from everyone is important:

  • So that we will always have mass on weekends
  • So that our children will have access to Religious Education
  • So that we will always have the Sacraments we need
  • So we will always be able to find space for our groups to share faith and fellowship
  • So that our buildings will always be safe and warm and available.

Come by and join us this weekend!

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