Fr. Dominic will be out of town in Viet Nam during his anniversary month, so plans for a celebration have not yet been finalized. In the meantime, we wanted to mark this moment by repeating his comments published in the bulletin when he came to Our Lady of Lourdes 2 years ago.

"In 1975, when I entered the seminary, we had to study theology and philosophy “under the table” due to the restriction of the communist government which didn’t want to have any more priests. In 1988, I went to the United States and was sponsored to the city of Savannah, GA. From there, I went to New York Seminary in 1989 working in a hotel for five months before coming to Chicago. I entered Mundelein Seminary in 1989 and was ordained in 1993. Since my ordination, I have been a parish priest at St. Ita’s for five years, at St. Theresa in Palatine for 3 years and as the Pastor at St. Henry’s for 12 years.

My desire as a priest is to bring people to God and, simultaneously, God to his people. I want to educate people on how to love and care for one another. Everyone should be able to work and pray together regardless of the differences in ethnicity, language and culture, for a simple reason: together we are the Body of Christ. We may have come from different backgrounds, but we all share the same God who loves and cares for us and to Whom we run when in need."

Congratulations, Fr. Dominic!

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