We need NEW presents, mostly for men who spend a lot of time outside. Think of warm clothes like thermal, fleece, flannel… sweaters, heavy socks, long johns, etc in sizes: XL, XXL, XXXL.

Kindly wrap and mark the size and please indicate if is for a man, woman or child. Please place your gifts in a box by St. Joseph’s altar in the church.

Remember, this year we are serving over 200 guests on a regular basis. Our Christmas dinner will be this year on Wednesday, Dec. 19th.

Thank you for helping those in need.

Bill Thome, S.K. Coordinator



Many people ask us if they can help in another way. In your package of envelopes there is a blue envelope marked “Soup Kitchen Support”; please use it and give as much as you can. Loose change goes a long way to people who have nothing, especially in these days of a hard economy.

Or, click on to make a one-time contribution or a recurring contribution. 

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