The Christmas Season has ended and we arrive at the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time. Our first reading calls our attention to the message of the Prophet Isaiah. Among other issues, we can apply Scripture to the desolate condition of our global environment. The “poor” of the world are most affected by the degradation of the environment surrounding us. Our vast Catholic teachings on social justice calls us to have a constant focus on the poor. This teaching comes from the Gospel itself, which calls us to have an “option for the poor”. In a document entitled Renewing the Earth, the U.S. Bishops direct us to the following:

“The option for the poor embedded in the Gospel and the Church’s teaching makes us aware that the poor suffer most directly from environmental decline and have the least access to relief from their suffering. Indigenous peoples die, with their forests and grasslands depleted. Nature will truly enjoy its second spring only when humanity has compassion for its own weakest members”.

Prophets will not remain silent. And the Mother of Jesus shows us the way to powerful transformation in today’s Gospel. Call upon Jesus to bring about the necessary changes we so desperately need, both globally and personally. He is still bringing miracles occurring every day. Perhaps the necessary miracle is a renewed concern for the plight of the poor and marginalized in society. Transformation takes place one heart at a time.

I remind you that our Annual Dinner Dance will take place on February 23. We are very excited and expect a tremendous success. The proceeds from our Dinner Dance will be used for much needed tuckpointing on the exterior wall near the statue of the Blessed Mother on the east side of our sanctuary. Please consider how you can contribute and help to our Dinner Dance. Stop by the vestibule of church and talk to one of our committed volunteers. Let’s make us make this an amazing success. Thank you always for your generosity of time, talent and treasure in the parish.

As a reminder, we continue to discuss parish renewal in our Divine Renovation discussion group. The next meeting is today, January 20 at 9 am in the rectory.

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