The Dinner Dance is very excited about the outpouring of generosity for our Dinner next Saturday, February 22. Our parishioners and friends of the parish are coming together to contribute to some significant projects in the church. The funds from the Dinner Dance will be use to complete the work in the area of the Blessed Virgin Altar at the southeast corner of the sanctuary; and for the much-needed tuckpointing on the roof over the Adoration Chapel. This broad support from within and around the parish shows that a community can accomplish great things when united around a common cause. There are still many ways to contribute. You may purchase raffle tickets; enter advertisements in the Ad Book; purchase dinner dance tickets;, bid on the Silent and Live Auction; and even play a surprise game. A big thanks goes to our sponsors who contributed more than $7000 in the months ahead of time. I look forward to provide the details the success of this event in the weeks to come.

We paid homage to Our Lady of Lourdes on Tuesday, Feb. 11 this past week with Holy Mass and a healing service. Many people came forward in prayer with confidence in the healing power of our faith. It was an honor for us priests and deacons to participate in our patronal feast day with you. This celebration and the upcoming Dinner Dance show us that the practice of faith in the parish is very important for many people. Our dedication and success in these events are testimony to the importance of maintaining a sense of faith and mission in our everyday lives. We are most grateful to the hard-working Dinner Dance Committee for their efforts.

Last week we spoke about the Annual Catholic Campaign in the Archdiocese. Cardinal Blasé Cupich has successfully led the parishes for several years in this Appeal. Each parish is asked to generate a specifically determined goal; ours is to raise $24,734 to be given to the Archdiocese. Last week we distributed informational brochures as to the use of the funds that are sent to  the Archdiocese. These pamphlets are still available in the back of church. Any donations that are received over our goal are returned directly to our parish to use as we choose. We have always used these funds for ongoing building repairs and maintenance. I will be speaking about the Annual Catholic Appeal again at each of the masses this weekend. We will also distribute pledge cards for you to declare the amount donated to this Appeal. I hope you can take the opportunity to see the many ways the Archdiocese supports parish ministries and other programs for the overall mission of the Church. Thank you and God bless you!!

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