Last week, Holy Week, we prepared for and celebrated the amazing grace of our God. We believe and worship God who brings life out of death, light out of darkness, hope out of despair, love out of bitterness and resentment. We sang about an amazing God who is revealed in the mysterious events in Jerusalem and surrounding territory. I sense that most of us believe that his Resurrection truly happened. But, like Thomas in today’s Gospel, we also have doubts.

Our doubts are not so much about whether he rose from the dead. More likely, we doubt that this power of resurrection is alive and active among us today. The Resurrection is not intended to be a lesson in history but rather an announcement of what God does when we cooperate. We believe and we doubt at the same time. Let us pray to Thomas, called Didymus (the twin), to guide us beyond our doubt and suspicion. Let us not miss the power of his Resurrection in our daily lives.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish was brimming with energy throughout Holy Week. Volunteers and ministers spent hundreds of hours in cleaning the church, preparing for processions, announcing the Word of God and sharing his communion in the Eucharist, praising his name in song and praying in silence. From the Palm Sunday procession until late afternoon on Easter Sunday, there was evidence of enthusiasm and hopeful ministry all around. We cannot thank you enough. God bless all who helped in so many ways. God bless those who cleaned the church, those who worked so hard for the Good Friday of the Cross in Chase Park, who provided vibrant music at all the liturgies and those who came to celebrate the awesome mystery at Our Lady of Lourdes. We are aware that we had many more visitors than in past years. Several visitors shared with me that we have a wonderful welcoming parish and were happy that had come here to celebrate the Triduum. I join with Fr. Dominic, Fr. Bolivar and the pastoral staff in thanking you and praying for you. We are blessed indeed.

Life goes on quickly around here. I just want to take this opportunity to remind you of the campaign that we had begun more than a year ago, the To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign. We began this campaign in collaboration with the Archdiocese to raise funds primarily for the interior renewal of our church. The painting of the sanctuary was a major aspect of the original plan. Now that we have done the tuckpointing on the outside walls near the Blessed Virgin Mary on the east side of the sanctuary, we may consider painting the area on the inside in this part of church. The funds from the campaign could be used for this purpose, so please remember your pledge and resume your contributions. Sometimes these things have a way of getting away from us, as we all know. We are confident that we can fulfill our campaign pledge to the parish and the Archdiocese. Thank you for your generosity and sacrifice to make this possible.

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