Our PanAmerican Festival has taken place but the last group of volunteers did not finish wrapping up for a few days afterwards. It was an inspiration to see the outstanding support for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in the preparation and celebration of the PanAmerican Festival. We have seen raffle tickets on sale for months, setting up and cleaning up, hosting at the event itself, donation of beverages, food and games, cooking and baking and countless meetings since July in order to prepare. I am encouraged by this spirit even as I am constantly aware of our growing edges as a community. Thank you to all of our parishioners and friends who have come together to make this a success. Our belief in God’s work among us will sustain us always.

The Religious Education program is going well with our young people. I am grateful for our catechists and parents who have such a blessed passion to be a positive influence in the faith development of the children. Fr. Bolivar has been giving talks to our parents about various topics such as fostering faith with young people, and Fr. Dominic and I are visiting the classrooms. Our intentions is to go beyond simply explaining the teachings of the church. We primarily aim to share how important and life giving it is to have a genuine relationship with Christ in our lives.

Also, we continue to form new leader in our Alpha ministry. Once again, the purpose of this is to go beyond intellectual knowledge into fostering a real relationship with Jesus. This is the main intention with every activity in the parish. I would love to see dozens of Alpha groups in the parish in the future.

Finally, as you read this article, I am with our Parish Pastoral Migratoria group in Tijuana on a mission trip at the border. We are helping with the sorting of clothing and serving meals to the women and children who are so vulnerablein all ways. I think of the statement of Mother Teresa: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”. Our main mission in Tijuana is to see the face of Jesus and be an instrument of love and concern.

Thank you to all of our parishioners and friends who have so generously supported our trip. Thanks also to you we are making a donation of $2,100 directly to the Instituto Madre Asunta. Let us pray for one another.

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