Suggestions of Things to Give Up for Lent 

by Phil Ressler

… Continued from last week

21. Bitterness … the only person you are hurting by holding on is you.

22. Distraction… life is filled with distractions that will take your eyes off the prize.

23. Giving up ,,, God never gives up on us. Don’t give up on yourself, ever.

24. Mediocrity… if you are going to do something, then give all you’ve got.

25. Busyness ,,, is a badge of honor to be busy, but that doesn’t translate in abundance.

26. Destructive speech… encourage one another, words matter.

27. Loneliness… you are never alone with Jesus. He is always with you holding your hand, holding you up.

28. The quick fix… rarely does true transformation happen overnight.

29. Disunity… where two are together, He is there as well.

30. Worry … God is in control and worrying will not help or change anything.

31. Idolizing … don’t assign anyone a standard they cannot live up to.

32. Resistance to change … change is certain. It is not “if” we will change, but “how” we will change.

33. Pride… blessed are those who are humble.

34. Small view of God… don’t tell God how big your problem is… tell your problems how big God is.

35. Envy… you are blessed. Your value is not found in your possessions, but in your relationship with God.

36. Selfish ambition… God has a mission for you that is bigger than you.

37. Ungratefulness… you have been blessed in ways greater than you realize.

38. Self-sufficiency… Jesus is your strength… you can do all things through him.

39. Sorrow… weeping may come in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

40. Your life… lay aside your own selfish desires and live for God lovingly and freely.

Or consider these thoughts:

Give thanks. Give up complaining.

Give compliments. Give up harsh judgment.

Give forgiveness. Give up revenge.

Give encouragement. Give up despair.

Give hope. Give up sin.

Give time to pray. Give up wasting time.

Give respect. Give up prejudice.

Give help. Give up selfishness.

Give time for God. Give up what keeps you from God.


Fast from polluting words. Feast on affirming words.

Fast from complaining. Feast on appreciating.

Fast from bitterness. Feast on forgiveness and mercy.

Fast from discouragement. Feast on hope.

Fast from suspicion. Feast on trust.

Fast from idle gossip. Feast on purposeful silence.

Fast from overwhelming problems. Feast on prayers that strengthen.

Fast from judging others. Feast  on patience.

Fast from apparent differences. Feast on unity.

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