Maybe some of you do not know one of the many legendary stories about Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. The church was originally located on the east side of Ashland Ave. In 1929 a group of 50 men used horses and chains to move 10,000 tons of brick and steel to the west side of the street. We are told they moved it “one foot a minute”. This story tells me that Faith is important and have to position it in the exact right place in our lives.

Faith is the story of victory over cynicism, indifference, ego, selfishness and pleasure seeking, as well as racism, ageism, sexism, heterosexism, addiction, depression, darkness and despair. Today’s Gospel reminds us of the victory over fear. Faith is victory and is the best story ever told. The more news I listen to in our world the more convinced I am of the importance of witnessing the story of Faith. We are still moving the Faith of that 1929 church. It has been moved very far away from its original location. Symbolically speaking, it has been carried a thousand miles since 1892 when Our Lady of Lourdes Parish began. More importantly, we are moving Faith from the head to the heart, the longest distance in the universe.

This is why our Dinner Dance was such an amazing blessing. It takes heart and soul to realize the victory that was our 19th Annual Dinner Dance. Last night, we had over 320 people came to enjoy the evening. Among many aspects of the event, I am always impressed by the spirited dancing of some of our parishioners. In church and the Adoration Chapel, I see you diligently praying on your knees. But when the prayers are complete, the dance begins. Our Dinner dance featured music for all nationalities, donations of nearly 100 bottles of wine, many auction items for and raffle tickets sold since June 2019. The raffle alone generated more than $23,000. Our generous sponsors lit the fire with contributions of $13,000 before we even began. The Dinner Dance committee demonstrated amazing energy and dedication under the leadership of Kathy Sweitzer and Fr. Bolivar Molina. Thank you for your tireless, heartfelt commitment. God bless our Dinner Dance committee members who came forward that night so we can thank them for their hard work.

If you know anyone on the committee, please praise them for their successful ministry. However, there is more to the story. We continue to move Faith into the exact right position in each of our lives. Sometimes it seems so slow that we are moving Faith “one foot a minute”. But that is simply God’s plan for us and for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. I am not so much referring to the physical structure, but we know God moves hearts and souls toward a much greater victory than moving bricks and steel. In God’s plan, we learn persistence, resiliency, wisdom of the ages, sacrifice and hope in darkness. God is truly moving us, and it is marvelous to witness.

Thank you for your support of our Parish and for being there last evening. Again, we are grateful to our Dinner Dance committee. And most of all, thank God, the Master Mover!!!

Fr. Mike

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