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What is Renew My Church?

To address the challenges of our time, we are called by Jesus to rebuild. Renew My Church is a vision and strategic plan guiding our response to this call for renewal. This spiritual revitalization will reclaim what is most central and sacred to our faith and breathe new life into our methods of sharing the Gospel. In this way, we can people a Church and a home for their faith that is marked by more faithful discipleship, a loving community, and an inspired source for those for whom we pray are brought home to a Church that is marked by greater discipleship, loving community, and inspiring witness.

What can I do to help the process of Renew my Church?

Every Catholic Christian of our archdiocese—as part of the baptismal rite—is called to be a coworker in this renewal. Taking up this cross as a community of believers will engage more people in the life of our local Church. This, in turn, will create more vital parishes focused on carrying forward the Great Commission rather than maintaining the inefficient structures we often have today. Working together – parishioners, school families, priests, religious brothers and sisters and the broader Church community – we will sustain a vibrant Catholic presence in Chicagoland for years to come and continue the legacy of faith that earlier generations left for us. Inspired by the Holy Spirit within you, your active participation in Renew My Church enables you to work side-by-side with Jesus in bringing the Good News of God’s salvation to all people.

What has happened with parishes in Vicariate 2 since the beginning of Renew my Church?

These four parish groupings are undergoing Renew My Church this round.  They are entering Wave 3 of the Renew My Church process.  There have been four "waves" since the inception in 2016.  Wave 0 also known as the pilot, Wave 1, we had Lincoln Park and Edgewater parishes engaged in the process, Wave 2 (Vicariate 2 did not have any parishes engaged in this wave) and now Wave 3.  We have three groupings being activated in Wave 3: Deanery B: St Timothy, St Margaret Mary, St Henry and Blessed Cardinal Stepinac.  Deanery C: St Hillary, St Matthias, Queen of Angels and Transfiguration.  Deanery F:  St Tarcissus, St Cornelius and St Thecla.  We ask for you to pray for these communities as they undergo the process.  We have tremendous hope in the people of God as they give witness to their faith.  We believe together as a group we will be empowered to continue building communities with each other and making disciples to serve the Lord.

My grouping:

St. Hilary
St. Matthias
Queen of Angels
Transfiguration of Our Lord

Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Mercy

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