We are all aware of the crisis at the border. We all share the same shock and sadness about the countless families and children who are fleeing their countries. To them, the US provides an opportunity to work and send financial assistance home to their families. Thousands of children have fled the crime, violence, poverty and corruption of their own countries. They have sometimes come alone. They are not coming for a vacation. They are trying to save their lives.

This is beyond politics now. Who wouldn't care about a child or young person who is suffering in detention?  

I work with a group of amazing people here in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. The group is known as Pastoral Migratoria, a ministry specifically for immigrants.  Six parishioners will be taking the trip along with me to the border near Tijuana from Oct. 17-20. We are going to work with the Institute Madre Asunta, on ongoing ministry sponsored by the Scalabrini Missionaries. Sisters of Scalibrini provide amazing compassionate services for thousands of families in crisis.

Sr. Alma and her companion will share their testimonies about their ministry this weekend at our masses. We are honored by their visit and for the opportunity to participate in this important ministry. The Sisters are overwhelmed and have cried out to us for help. The highest priority is that our mission of compassion and kindness might touch the weary hearts and souls of the mothers, fathers and children who are stranded at the border. I have listened to many of their horrifying stories of the violence and corruption they are escaping in their home countries. They flee from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and other countries seeking safety and hope. Our mission with Pastoral Migratoria is to provide solidarity with them in their suffering, as well as warm meals and clean clothing for the mothers and children, 

We are touched by the outpouring of financial support, not only for the mission trip expenses but also for the sisters’ work. Truly this is a testimony of the generosity and solidarity of Our Lady of Lourdes parishioners and friends to those in need.

We are raising separate funds to donate to the Sisters for their ministry. Should you wish to give a contribution please use envelopes provided today. Members of the Pastoral Migratoria and I will continue to inform you of our plans in the weeks ahead. Your donation can be made online by following this link:

I sincerely want to thank you for your consideration, but most especially for your prayers.

Fr. Mike

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