Father’s Day has come to have increasing significance for me throughout my life. I came across some quotes from Pope Francis about fatherhood. I thought it would be nice to simply share some of the wise words of Pope Francis.

“Every family needs a Father—A father who shares in his family’s joy and pain, hands down wisdom to his children and offers them firm guidance and love.”

“Nothing could better express the pride and emotion a Father feels when understand that he has handed down to his child what really matters in life. That is, a wise heart.”

“I ask that you have the grace to be very close to your children, letting them grow, but being by their side. They need you, your presence, to be there, your love.”

These words of conviction and strength offer great inspiration for me. In addition, we are currently in the middle of a year in which he honor St. Joseph. On Dec. 8, Pope Francis designated this year in celebration of St. Joseph. This is the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being declared Patron of the Universal Church. Joseph was the husband of Mary and guardian of the Son of God. His life contributed tremendously to the whole story of salvation even though he appears hidden and in the shadows. Joseph was troubled at first by Mary’s pregnancy but surrendered his own will to God in obedience and trust. We can find inspiration in this kind of faith whenever we face uncertainty as well as possibility. Joseph had to find a stable for the birth of Jesus and he had to protect the child from the threat of King Herod. We might see that he has a “creative courage” to make tough decisions for his family. I see fathers taking such bold actions all the time.

We pray for our Fathers today while remembering those who have gone before us. May they know God’s blessing of wisdom and discernment. Wisdom is a gift far greater than gold. May our Fathers know God’s voice in their lives and be confident in fulfilling God’s mission through them and their sacrifices for their families. God bless our Fathers. And God bless those families whose Fathers are in heaven.

Finally, as you know, Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Mary of the Lake will unite as of July 1. I am grateful to share that we learned this week there will be no changes in the current mass schedule here in the parish. The new pastoral staff under the leadership of Fr. Manuel Dorantes will discern the best path forward as a united parish. Thank you for your faithful confidence as we move forward as a united parish. May St. Joseph inspire us as we embrace new possibilities as a new united parish.

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