"Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they wil be satisfied."


  • Investing early to prevent violence is on average, 60 times more cost-effective than intervening after violence erupts. The world though spends just $1 on conflict prevention for every $1,885 spent on military budgets.
  • Peace and economic development are related, as are war and economic decline. Societies become less prone to experiencing civil war the more affluent they become.
  • Global spending on arms is approximately $1.8 trillion. It is estimated that annual cost of war is around $1 trillion. By contrast, the entire UN system – its peacekeeping operations, humanitarian programs, development work and much else, costs around $50 billion a year.
  • A large body of academic work demonstrates that United Nation peacekeeping operations help prevent wars, shorten wars, limit civilian suffering, and reduce the likelihood of war recurring. It also shows that the greater the number of peacekeepers deployed, the greater these positive effects tend to be. (May 29th is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers) Oxford University Press

The Role of Women

  • Gender-equal societies are far more peaceful than patriarchal societies. They are less likely to wage aggressive wars, less likely to experience civil wars, and more likely to support international institutions. Peace processes that include women as equal partners are more likely to deliver sustained peace.
  • Between 1992 and 2019, women constituted on average, 13% of negotiators, 6% of mediators, and 6% of signatories in major peace processes worldwide. About 70% of peace processes did not include women mediators or women signatories. United Nations Women


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